Six Travel Planning Tips to Ensure your Next Vacation Runs Smoother than the Last!

Airplane Flight Wing flying to Travel on Vacation

Planning a vacation can be exciting, but it’s also important to be organized so that your trip goes smoothly. This is especially important if you’re not a frequent traveler, or if you’re planning a vacation for a large group of people with varying ages and interests. Read on for some key tips to make sure that you can relax and enjoy your time off without hitting any snags. For more information on travel planning, check out sites like NBC’s travel planning page.

1. Choose Your Travel Dates and Destinations

This might sound like a no-brainer, but the location you’re traveling to typically informs the time of year when you’ll take your trip. For example, if you’re traveling to a tropical destination, you’ll want to avoid hurricane season. If you have children, you’ll be planning your trip around their school vacation. Do some research to ensure that the weather and conditions will be ideal when you plan to travel.

2. Comparison Shop for Rates

The Internet makes it easier than ever to book your trip for as cheaply as possible. Take advantage of discount travel sites like Expedia and Kayak to get deals on flights and hotels. Typically, the further ahead you book, the lower your prices will be. However, if you’re shipping off on a whim, there are also plenty of last-minute deals to be had.

3. Protect Your Investment

It’s important to buy travel insurance in case unforeseen circumstances like weather or catastrophic illness make it necessary for you to cancel your trip. Make sure you purchase this protection from a reputable company. You should also always book travel using a credit card rather than a debit card, since you are protected by the credit card company in case of fraud.

4. Take Advantage of Technology

If you have a smartphone, there are plenty of apps that assist you in planning the perfect itinerary. From airline apps that allow you to streamline your travel by providing a mobile boarding pass to apps that give you points of interest along your journey, explore what your phone carrier has to offer that can make your planning as easy as swiping your touchscreen.

5. Avoid Checking Bags

If you’re flying, try to pack everything you need in your carry-on. Not only will you avoid the expensive fees for checking your bags, you also eliminate the possibility of your baggage being lost by the airline. This also means that you’ll have everything you need with you in the event of a long flight delay or other mishap.

6. Allow for Leisure Time

When planning your itinerary, it’s tempting to pack every day full of sights, meals, and activities. However, this is a good way to ensure that everyone in your party will be burned out by week’s end. Instead, try planning one major activity each day, and allowing the extra time for relaxing by the hotel pool or doing spontaneous things that you might not have otherwise been able to experience.

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Enjoying the Summer with your Family

best beach

Summer’s here – ‘tis the season to go on a vacation! This is an event that is highly awaited by every member of my family. It’s the time when we all go on a trip and try to visit places that we’ve never seen. Try being the operative word because more often than not, we end up choosing a small beach resort that we’ve been patronizing for several years now. The place is not that big which means there’s more than enough room for the kids to run around and scream their hearts out. Plus there’s always the beach, with its cool, calm, inviting waters and the great lounge chairs that let you while away the time.

Our yearly vacations have become a much loved tradition in our family. It’s a season when those who are working take their annual break to coincide with the children’s time off from school. Even with the continuing increases in fuel prices which cause just about every travel expense to shoot up, we still take our vacation. The secret to having a hassle free vacation is in the planning. Work out the details of your trip long before you leave the comfort of your home.

Over the years, we’ve become skilled at keeping the costs low by making smart choices on different expenses like transportation, lodging and meals. You’ll be surprised at the savings that you can make just by making wise choices regarding food. For instance, if you have to choose between a buffet and a regular place, make sure that you check out the types of food that are available. A good one would have a balance of meats, vegetables, and desert. If you are not particularly fond of the choices, steer clear of the buffet and choose set meals instead. This is also not a good choice for children.

Take-out food can be great depending on where you place your order. My family’s favorite is a sandwich ordered from the grocery store or a deli. These are very satisfying and are great on the pocket as well. Then we finish it off with a fruit cup that can also be bought from one of the grocery stalls. Other take out choices include bakery products like a donut or a cinnamon roll. This practice allows us to eat healthier and save on the cost of food as well. Making simple choices like this has become a regular thing for our family as well.

The bottom line is to know your options well before going on the road. There are online resources that provide helpful tips for traveling and feature the different places that you can go to. Check out this page to learn more about destinations and other travel essentials.

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Travel Tips when Visiting Big Cities

For a traveler who’s used to the quiet and calm neighborhood, visiting the big city for the first time will certainly be a culture shock for most. The hustle and bustle of the atmosphere will likely put you at the tip of your toes and cause you to be anxious with every destination you’re trying to reach. Keep calm and gather yourself and remember you’re not the first, if you’re lost try to find a vacant area where you can take out your city map and track where you are currently at and where you need to get to. There’s many things to be thankful for the modern age, one big contribution is GPS embedded in smart phones, easily track your current destination with a reliable internet connection along the way. Getting around the city is not the only challenge for the infrequent vacationer in the big city, let’s highlight a few others:

Baggage – Travel light as much as possible, only pack the things you need and make sure your clothes are suitable to the weather unless you have the budget to go on a shopping spree. Keep everything organized when packing beginning with your passport and documents which should be stored in a safe area inside your bag. Never lose track of your belongings and always keep pocket money for emergency, there’s no harm in being prepared. Have a notebook filled with your emergency contacts or in the modern era method, upload your contacts and sync it online with application services such as google. There’s many reasons to be thankful how technology has helped our lives especially for travelers.

Plan Ahead – When planning your trip be sure you set enough time for stops to help you relish the sights and sounds of your destination, you don’t want to be chasing all the popular destinations and pack it in a short period since it will spoil your travel experience and discourage you to ever travel again in the big city. Be sure that you’re bookings are in place well in advance unless you’re a multimillionaire who doesn’t mind the outrageous rates especially during peak-season. It’s always helpful to have a friend residing in the location to turn to, they will point out the best places the visit, best restaurants to dine at and the most convenient places to stay at.

Anytime you travel always keep a close eye on your belongings, most hotels have a safety box where you can keep your valuables and important documents. Most of all don’t forget to enjoy, the first time is usually the most challenging but once you get past it everything’s a breeze from there on and you’ll be thinking of your next travel destination.

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Cosmopolitan Hotel: Most Recommended Hotel in Las Vegas

Located in the strip, the Cosmopolitan Hotel and casino has a variety of facilities those other Hotels in the same location only dream about. From its ideal location to the convenience that it offers both as a tourist hot spot and also a good point to view the Bellagio’s fountains from it definitely qualifies as a must visit destination. If you come here to only view the fountains, you can be guaranteed that you will change your travel plans and the accommodation to be more precise.

With a blend of art and sophistication that gives a feel of comfort and elegance, the cosmopolitan is a destination that is frequented by many movers and shakers at all hours of the day. With a vast majority of the 2,995 rooms and suites that the hotel has boasting of open air terraces with the only standard balconies on the strip it definitely stands out from the rest. That is one of those facts that the others simply dream off. Most of the rooms are also furnished with kitchenettes, microwaves and mini fridges with plush and comfortable couches to keep that comfortable feeling and experience going.

The rooms also come with spacious work desks, enormous bathrooms and a good number of them even feature a soaking tub and a standalone shower. Comfort is nothing without technology and the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas does not hold back on that either. The rooms are fitted with state of the art technology that even allows guests to preset ambiences that include music, lighting and even lets the guests book reservations through the TV.

The Marquee night club and the chandelier are the other features that are prominent in the hotels list of eye catching facilities. It also has a three story bar that is in a giant light fixture. Things could never look any much brighter with the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Its newest addition to its stunning features is the Talon club that was opened in 2012. It is an ideal place to unwind from the intense activities in the casino.

Talking of the casino, this is a nicely laid out amenity that has plenty of room to move around. It has more than 1500 slot machines and plenty of other great games to choose from. It also has table games such as craps, black jack and even the roulette. It has all the games that any reveler would want to play.

The cosmopolitan is not only a place where you can go and have fun. It is also a nice spot to relax. With an onsite spa and sauna that offers a variety of relaxing skin and body treatments, it is the ideal place to have your muscle flexed and the tension released.

When in Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan will not be hard to locate and once there it will be considerately hard to leave. Not only do the facilities cater to the modern client but so does the staff and manpower that works at the hotel.

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The Best Ways to Travel with Younger Children

Traveling with children can be greatly rewarding or a pounding headache depending on how you have prepared for the activities you are going to do during your vacation. The ability to see a vacation spot through the eyes of a child will not only give you a new perspective, but bring you back to a happier, more simple time.


However, there is much to take into consideration when you are traveling with young children. Getting from one point to another seems to take twice as long as it should be when traveling alone. This is because there are so many extra bags, worries and hassles that come about. We’ve put together a few things to keep in mind that can help you tackle the issue of traveling with children a bit easier.


First off, a few quick tips to make everything easier:


  • Make a checklist that will help you to pack your children’s necessities.
  • Before traveling, budget out your in-transit snacks and goodies so you don’t run out.
  • Offer something unique or new only when necessary.
  • Ensure the children’s safety at all times depending on the kind of transport you are going to use. Be more vigilant and ensure your kids are secure.
  • Carry some snacks for the kids. For instance fruits or chocolates are the best.



The type of Accommodation to Choose

Having the best accommodation when you travel with your kids will make the whole experience much more fun and you will also have an ample time. The wrong choice can create a lot of unnecessary stress. A good accommodation creates a secure place to easily retract back to in case of anything bad during the vacation.


The most optimal accommodation when traveling with younger children is definitely a self-catered apartment or house that comes with a living room, and separate bedrooms. This room can accommodate all of you after a very long day. It is a place to relax and enjoy some drink or watch TV with kids or play together. Compare this to a normal hotel room with no living space or privacy. Everyone has to go to bed at the same time, or disturb everyone else.


Safety Essentials

When traveling with toddlers and young children, ensure that you take all your safety essentials. By doing this you will be able to also get enough time to relax without worrying that the kids can injure themselves as they play around the new environment. Check for any possible hazards when you arrive at your accommodation just to confirm and put things in order to prevent your children from getting injured.


Book in Advance to Avoid Headaches

If you are going on a vacation with your children, book your accommodation in advance. As an adult traveling alone, it’s much easier to show up at a place and find a decent enough place to stay. But with children tagging along the need to get a place with much more specific features, which can be tough to find in a last-minute situation. The last thing you want to do is show up at a hotel you booked the day before, and have it not be what you expected, leaving everyone cramped in one tiny room and not enjoying the vacation as much as they should.



In the end, traveling your children can be problematic, yet a very rewarding experience. If you plan well beforehand, and are prepared for what travel will throw at you, it can be a very great time with your family!


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Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas is one vacation destination that can be both enjoyed by adults and children. There are so many things to do and see in the Sin City that even your children will not complain that you have spent your holiday getaway in this busy city. But when traveling with your children, one of the things you must consider is where to stay. There are many hotels in Las Vegas especially along The Strip, but the best choice for your family will be the Excalibur Las Vegas Hotel. The theme of this hotel is King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and is built like a great Arthurian castle and has one of the largest swimming pools in Las Vegas. It’s a giant complex designed to look like a medieval castle with colorful peaks of blue and orange.

The Excalibur Las Vegas has almost 3,991 rooms that can be you’re private quarters when you retire after a long day of strolling, touring and enjoying the Sin City. The rooms are in medieval style but with modern amenities that can be interest your children as well. There are two 28-storey towers in the Excalibur with most rooms offering great views of The Strip and nearby hotels.

The Contemporary Rooms can come with either 2 queen-sized beds or 1 king-sized bed and is newly upgraded from floor to ceiling offering a widescreen view. The rooms feature standard room amenities including 42″ plasma screen televisions, pillow top mattresses, contemporary bathrooms with granite countertops, and alarm clocks. Docks for multimedia gadgets are present in all rooms, and offering a good view of the pool and spa.

The Tower Rooms also come in either 1 king-sized bed or 2 queen-sized beds and has 378-square-foot area. The rooms feature warm tones and hardwood furnishings creating a medieval feel as if you’re truly a king or queen in your abode. The rooms contain standard amenities including a cable TV and a small table with two chairs. The bathroom has a single sink, a walk-in shower only with complimentary toiletries. Guest can also enjoy of high-speed internet access that is already included in the resort fee.

The hotel amenities are complete and one of a kind which can make one tired after a day’s activity. To relax and be pampered like royals, The Royal Treatment Spa and Fitness Center is the place to be. The Spa is overlooking the pool area and spanning 13,000 square feet. Imagine being treated like king and queens where only world class treatments are delivered to you. Treat your skin and body with only the best facials, massages, body wraps, and other treatments in their specialized treatment rooms. You can still stay fit during the whole trip as the hotel’s fitness center has the state of the art equipment that guests can utilize for their work out sessions.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy all of what the Excalibur offers. The hotel can best cater to families with plenty of activities for the kids and at the same time offering adult fun amenities. The Excalibur is a resort the whole family will love especially kids and kids at heart. Staying at the Excalibur Las Vegas is an experience that you and your family will remember forever. So whenever you feel like you’re due for a family vacation, why not go to the Sin City and book the castle for your family.

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Tropicana Las Vegas – Hotel Information

vegasOne of the very first grand hotels built on the famous Las Vegas Strip, the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel brings a lot of history and how things changed over the years back when investors had to take a big chance and trusting the vision they saw at the potential of the now popular city. The hotel has made huge transformation quite recently that amassed to a whopping $200 million to complete giving guests a new view of the historic hotel. Featuring fresh designs of each and every one of the hotel rooms and suites and giving guests a bright and breezy atmosphere with custom furnishings and all the best amenities. A Las Vegas hotel would not be the complete experience without the Casino, the hotel now has a 50,000-square-foot gaming area which offers all the best Las Vegas games including your favorite slots and table games, with the addition of a new Tropicana high limit area, a state-of-the-art race and sports book and many more, this is paying special attention to it and taking it to new heights.


If you are craving for a bite or looking for fine dining to celebrate a special occasion, the hotel brings a variety of choices fit for the purpose, with the additional of a couple new restaurants adding to the list of excellent dining options such as Bacio which is an Italian trattoria serving authentic and world class Italian cuisine, the Las Vegas steakhouse, Biscayne, which specializes in aged steaks and features an acclaimed wine list. If you want a scenic view of the Strip while enjoying your meal, the Beach Café is a 24-hour restaurant offering indoor and outdoor dining.


For your dose of entertainment, the hotel certainly does not fall short on paying attention to keeping the energy running throughout the air by day or night, the Tropicana entertainment options feature live music and stand-up comedy to an incredible magic show and others more.  If you enjoy live Las Vegas music performances, tune in nightly in the Tropicana Lounge featuring talented musicians from a variety of musical genres, so feel free to come and grab a cocktail and dance the night away.


After a fun filled night theres no better way than to relax and pamper yourself, take a dip at the Tropicana pool with lush tropical gardens surroundings, waterfalls, cabanas and a South Beach theme. This luxury spa offers all the best spa services, from a rejuvenating massage to a revolutionary anti-aging facial or even a unique manicure or pedicure, such as the Pedi-Colada. If you prefer get in shape and boost your confidence level then head onto the fitness gym offering weight equipment and modern cardio equipment that is complete with personal iPod docking stations topped off with an incredible view of the Tropicana pool and gardens.

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Finding Your Way Around London’s Transportation

transpo Public transportation has been present since the time people started using motor vehicles and will continue as long as people are navigating the earth. There are different forms of public transportation like the cars, trains, planes, taxi cabs, buses and local vehicles. Every country on the planet has their own type of public transportation system according to which one is applicable in their local setting. In terms of public transportation, London is well-known to have a very organized and accessible system that owning a car is rather unessential.

People living in London do not see the need for their own car as using public transportation is more economical and efficient. There are several forms of public transport in London to choose from including London Underground (Tube), London Public Buses, London Train Services, River Services and more. When in London, you can choose from different options depending on how you intend to arrive at your destination.

The most popular public transportation is the London Underground or the Tube. This is the best choice for locals and tourists who want to get around London the fast and easy way as it gives one access to the heart of the city without worrying about the cities notorious traffic or getting lost. Underground stations are located all over the city and finding one near where you are staying is really easy.

The train journey starts typically at around 5AM or a little later on Sundays. The last train leaves central London at around 30 minutes past midnight on weekdays and 30 before midnight on Sundays. You need to check the train schedules especially when you have a fixed appointment to make sure that you arrive on time whether you leave early or a little bit later. You will rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes for an Underground train at any time of the day.

Delays on the Tube are common so better be on the lookout for service updates immediately beyond the ticket barriers at most stations or listen for announcements on the platforms. However, despite the constant delays, the Tube is still the best public transportation option to get to your destination the fastest and most reliable way.

London is also known for its big red buses which are also popular forms of transport especially once the tube closes at night. Outside central London, buses are a more common choice for transit as the Tube stations are farther apart. Buses are also a cheaper alternative for those who would want to save on transportation but expect to be on a slower journey. Some tourists would prefer getting bus rides as it offers more chances for sightseeing as compared to Underground travel with limited views.

Riding buses is also recommended for those who want to avoid the stuffy and stifling Underground stations that can be very uncomfortable especially during the hot summer months. Bus stops are located all over the city and are well equipped with all information needed by the traveler like when is the next bus, where will it stop and where will it go.

Buses are frequent during normal Monday-Friday daytime hours and become less frequent during the off peak travel times like early morning, late evening and weekends. You could travel in London anytime of the day even at night as there are night buses that run all throughout the night at varying frequencies. It is recommended to check the route details at the bus stops so that you will be knowledgeable about the compulsory bus stops.

If you want to get around London the cheapest way possible and you’re sure to be making a couple of trips, it is highly recommended to purchase an Oyster card or London Travelcard and not pay single tickets. These cards can be bought for a day, 3 days, a week, a month or a year and are valid on buses, tubes and overland trains.

Getting a pass is highly economical since you will only be paying an upfront amount that gives you unlimited access to specified rides for a certain number of days. The price you pay for your Travelcard is determined by the fare zones you want to travel in. The more fare zones you want covered the more expensive the Travelcard. This will allow you to save more when you have purchased bulk rides as compared to buying single tickets every time you travel.

An Oyster card or Travelcard is very cost-effective for individuals living and working in London and for tourists who want to get to as many attractions as possible. You should also take note that a Travelcard will give you access to the underground network, red local bus network, railway network in Greater London, Docklands Light Railway and Overground Railway and give you a discount on many scheduled river services. Areas not covered by the Oyster card or Travelcard will be bought as a single ticket every time you travel.

Aside from the Underground and the red buses, you could also utilize other public transportation including the London Rail Services and Scheduled River Services. If this is your first time to be in London, you can easily get yourself orientation by hopping on a bus that will get you to all the main attractions. This activity is recommended for individuals new to London as you get to see all the landmarks by a guided tour. You can also freely explore London on your own but make sure to get public transport maps to help when you are travelling in London using different public transports.

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Avoid Passport Problem while you’re Away on Travel

passportYou’re abroad and you’re enjoying your travel but is this the time to be totally carefree? You can enjoy the food, enjoy the sights and enjoy the activities but you should never lose focus of your important documents. The passport is one of your key documents to go to other countries and you should never do anything to lose or damage this essential document.

There are many situations that could arise anytime during your travel so you should know how to prevent these things from happening to truly have a wonderful trip. You need to take care of your passport as it is an important possession that could affect your chances of going anywhere. It can be to acquire a passport but sometimes it can be hard to care for it especially when you are preoccupied with other things while on your trip.

If you have many activities during the day, you should always keep your passport in a safe place and never leave it in your luggage, purse, car, hotel room or anywhere. Your passport must be with you wherever you may be whether you’re doing outdoor activities.  The passport does not weigh much and does not take up too much space making it very handy. Do not hesitate to bring it with you in your handbag or money purse as this is an easy way that you can assure your passport’s safety.

If you are travelling with company like with your family, friends or in a group, do not entrust your passport to anyone. It is better to carry your own passport rather than having one person carrying all your passports as this would cause more problems when all your passports gets lost or stolen. Carrying your own passport will give you more responsibility with your belongings so do not just let another individual keep it for you.

In the airport, your passport should always be in your presence and never allow anyone take it away from you. It is accepted for the airport staff to check your documents in the departure area but do not lose sight of it especially when someone leaves your presence and carries your passport. Always accompany the person when she/she starts to leave, you can also call his/her attention or report this to airport security.

Once you arrive at the hotel, put your passport in the hotel safe if available and remember not to put it down anywhere. Passports left at the counter top, tables or booths easily get stolen or forgotten so never do this mistake at all. Your passport should be readily available when needed but it should not be readily accessible to other individuals. Your documents are essential belongings that should not be in the possession of the wrong individuals with bad intentions. Always stay in focus especially when you are handling documents as you might forget where you have placed it or last got hold of it.

If ever that your passport gets lost or stolen, immediately report it to police authorities and the nearest embassy or consulate office so that they can guide you with what to do as you are traveling in a foreign place.


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MGM Grand Las Vegas – Hotel Information

mgmIt’s an easy taskspotting the MGM Grand Las Vegas even from afar during your tour in Las Vegas with the help of “Leo” the lion, the famous MGM silver screen icon is already a part of history. The hotel features over 5,000 rooms, suites and villas all adjoined by three gigantic structures. Ranked as the second largest hotel in the world, the entertainment options and things to do are endless. Booking in advance is vital if you want to save without compromising your travel experience.


Choosing your Accommodations:

Executive Suites – These 675-square-foot (63-square-meter) suites have a sleeping area with 2 queen beds and a 40” HD TV. The extended living area has a sofa, armchair, coffee table, a mini bar, dock for your mobile gadgets and a work desk.


Tower Spa Suites – his 694-square-foot (64-square-meter) suite has an oversized sleeping area with 1 king bed and a swivel TV. The extended living/dining area has a sofa, 2 armchairs, uniquely inspired designs of rich and royal plum, mink and cream to set a positive vibe throughout your stay.


Grand Rooms – A choice from either 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. 450 square feet (42 square meters). Desk. Pillowtop mattress. 40-inch LCD HD television with cable/satellite channels, ESPN and pay movies. Wireless Internet access, plug in with a media hub that connects all your devices then turn on your 40″ HD TV.


SkyLoft – World class luxury awaits starting with the luxury limousine that transports you from the airport, to the signature drink awaiting from the private check in, featuring breathtaking views that stretch out giving you a scenic image of the Strip. Innovative, indulgent and complete bathroom amenities to keep you relaxed. One King or an additional One Queen Bed, Wireless Internet access (surcharge) keeps you connected, and the flat-screen TV offers cable channels. Request an in-room massage.


Entertainment, shows and dining options:
Casino – MGM Grand Hotel & Casino provides the maximum gaming experience featuring poker, blackjack, slot machines, race and sports betting, and more. There’s no better thrill than playing the game you love and know that you are in the best position to win. Use your tactics to the best of your abilities for an advantage.


Restaurants - Take your loved one’s on a special meal featuring international world class dining with many choices which include the Joel Robuchon, Hakkasan, Emeril’s, Pearl, Wolfgang Puck, Hencho En Vegas, Fiamma, Shibuya or Crush. For casual dining head onto the Grand Wok and Sushi bar, the Rainforest Cafe, try the MGM Grand Buffet, Avenue Cafe or have a drink or two at the Michael Mina Pub 1842. For grabbing a quick bite choose from the Cabana Grill, Starbucks, Project Pie, Stage Deli, Corner Cakes, Blizz or the hotel food court.


Entertainment and Shows – MGM Grand will thrill you with some of the best entertainment Las Vegas has to offer starting from the “Hollywood Theatre” which is home to world class entertainment and internationally acclaimed shows nightly, to having a laugh or giggle at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and catch the hottest names in standup comedy, the world famous Cirque Du Soleil and of course the MGM Grand Garden Arena to witness special events.


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Be Prepared for Emergencies When on Travel Abroad

????????????????????????????????????????Many people all over the world dream of traveling abroad and for those who are financially blessed, they can travel the world as much as they want to. However, even if you are a jetsetter and have been to almost all the best destinations in the world, your dream travel can be a nightmare when there are unexpected circumstances that happen. Unpredictable situations like natural disaster, calamities, illness or emergencies that can ruin your well-planned trip and you can only hope for the good things during these times.

A travel abroad will require you to have the right paperwork like a valid passport, visa and other documents that will allow you to enter and leave a certain country. It is recommended to have at least 2 or more copies of your documents to be placed in different bags and make sure to leave a copy with your family or friends at home. This will help you most when the original gets stolen or lost during your trip.

If this is your first time to go to a certain country, make sure you have spent enough time learning about the local customs and laws. Being a foreigner or tourist is not an excuse to break any rule particularly in locations abroad that are strict with their laws. Once you leave your country, your laws are not anymore applicable and you cannot behave as if you are at home especially when these foreign countries are meticulous with how their citizens behave. Do not act as if you know everything because one wrong move can easily lead you to the prison abroad. If you think that a country is not safe at present times, try to consider postponing your trip or relocate to another safer country.

Another important preparation for your travel abroad is to be insured so that you will be medically covered. This is recommended whether or not you have an existing medical condition because your health is of prime importance especially when you are abroad where things are different from what you are normally used to.

When you are traveling alone, make sure to inform your family and friends about your whereabouts and itinerary. Leave a printed copy of your flight details, accommodation details with contact information and where you intend to be in certain days or time.  This will be helpful during emergencies so that they will know where you might be. If situation permits, have yourself registered at the nearest embassy or consulate so that they will have a record that you are in that country in the event that a crisis happens and you are affected. You should also have a cell phone that will allow you to have international access so that you can easily stay in touch with family and friends in the event of an emergency.

It helps to anticipate these things so that you can prepare for you trip and be safe and secure when in international locations. Over preparation is always better than not being prepared at all because you are not sure when these situations will happen especially since you are away from home.


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Flamingo Las Vegas – Hotel Information Guide

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

If you want to experience the life of the rich and famous in the Sin City, then Flamingo Las Vegas is the place to be. During its opening in 1946, Flamingo has promised to be a luxury resort in the middle of the desert. This dream has been realized over the years as it has captured the interest of the powerful, wealthy and prominent individuals all over the world. Being one of the first casinos ever built in the Sin City has eventually made the pink bird a well-recognized figure to almost everyone in Las Vegas and you will surely have the best time playing your favorite games in their classic casino. The main casino has an area of 77,000 square feet where you can get bet all your money from their featured games like Blackjack, Blazing Sevens, Caribbean Stud poker, Poker, Roulette and over 2,000 slot machines.

If you have no interest with gambling, you will still enjoy every moment as there is an array of luxurious activities and services that will make your stay an event to remember. Flamingo Las Vegas is a good choice if you want to be in the centre of the action as the hotel is located in The Strip which gives you closer access to other attractions in the sin city. You can arrive on foot at the Las Vegas Convention Center or you can be at the Auto Collections, Sands Expo Convention Center or Fashion Show Mall within minutes.

The rooms in the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel are one the best deals that you can get within The Strip as it is both comfortable and affordable when compared to other luxurious hotels in Las Vegas. There are 3,626 rooms, including 150 mini-suites and 6 super-suites that you can book for your upcoming trip and all of these accommodations are guaranteed to make your feel like royalty. The rooms have basic amenities like a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, in-room safe, shower and bath with free toiletries, and a wireless internet access that is included in the resort fee.

Dining will never be a problem as there is no shortage of restaurants in Flamingo where you can feast your hearts out to different cuisines. When you get hungry and would want a casual meal, there is the Promenade Food Court and Flamingo Food Court which is home to classic favorites like pizza, subs and salads. A meal at Hamada of Japan will make you experience authentic Japanese cuisine or you can dine teppanyaki style where food is prepared at your table. Formal dinners are best served at Center Cut Steakhouse where organic steaks are cooked to perfection making your mouth water from the moment the meat touches your lips.

To get those muscles working, the Flamingo has a 15-acre swimming area designed to be a picturesque habitat for all the hotel guests to enjoy sunbathing and swimming. There are three pools and a Jacuzzi that is beautifully landscaped with palms, fountains and waterfalls making it a popular area for photo shoots and events. After some tiring activity, you can revitalize your bodies while you’re at the Flamingo. Pampering yourself is easy as the hotel has a full-service spa that can relieve you of the stress you experienced during the day.

Flamingo Las Vegas is a luxurious venue but this hotel will give you good value for your money and you will not regret staying here if you want to be in the heart of paradise where all the action is on The Strip.

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The Secret on How to Travel Cheap

travelIf you want to experience an inexpensive trip, you should learn the two secrets on how to travel cheap. These secrets are not exactly secret because many individuals all over the world have done these tips so that they can visit their dream destinations without spending too much. Traveling is generally an expensive endeavor when you have no idea on which areas to save on and which areas to splurge. There are different types of trip that you can have and there are different aspects that you will need to consider when planning an inexpensive vacation.  These are lessons I have come to learn over my long travel careers, and most recently on a trip to San Francisco.

The first thing you need to do is to identify how to get the best deals on the specific things you want. We all have a general idea on what we want and this is sometimes hinders us from getting cheaper deals. For example you want the lowest beachside view accommodation for your Hawaii vacation but hotel rates will be higher during the peak season even if you have booked the cheapest room in the hotel.

So how could you get the vacation that you want? Well, you need to be a travel opportunist. The opportunistic approach will allow you travel more, do more and learn more than the normal. This means that you have to be resourceful in getting the things you want even if it is means going for the cheaper choice. If you have a mindset that traveling is expensive, then you will not be able to go anywhere. However if you change your outlook and learn to go for alternatives, then you will be able to arrive at your destination the cheapest way possible. There are many inexpensive options and you can go for alternatives like staying at a small inn rather than luxurious hotels, or eating at small diners rather than gourmet restaurants.

Transportation will take up most of your travel budget so you need to be very good in researching for alternatives. There are many ways to arrive at your destination whether it is a domestic or international trip. If you only look for what is accustomed by many, then expect to see expensive rates. However, if you explore options like in a different point of origin or routes, you might be surprised how they can be drastically lesser. You still need to pay for transit from your place to these starting routes but this will still end up cheaper.

If traveling abroad, keep in mind that other countries have high cost of living which means that even the basic amenities are more expensive than that of your hometown. Food abroad is expensive especially if you eat at restaurants, so better take the alternative of buying snacks at groceries stores. In terms of accommodation, you might want to rent an apartment if you plan on staying for months or simply go for the cheaper motels for a shorter period.

Realizing your dream vacation is difficult especially when you have not fully thought and planned for it. It’s like going after the wrong things at the wrong time. If you want to have a fairly cheap trip, you will have to exert effort with careful planning so that you are not just wasting your efforts to things that look affordable but can be paid for less.

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Excalibur Las Vegas

HotelRoomFeaturing a unique camelot-inspired hotel with 4 towers & storybook-style “castle” gates, multicolored spires & a modified medieval theme. The Excalibur Hotel and Casino is conveniently located on the Las Vegas Strip which is owned and operated by MGM Resorts International. The hotel uses a Arthurian theme with its castle designs and also a wizard-like figure resembling Merlin’s image. With 100,000-square-foot of gaming space to keep all guests entertained featuring both table games and over 1,700 slot machines. In addition to casino space, a recent improvement with the pool area, a 13,000-square-footspa and fitness center and a Vegas wedding tradition is also available at the Canterbury Wedding Chapel. Aside from the entertainment and games the resort makes certain the accommodation and amenities are fit for a king as well featuring rooms and suites uniquely to also compliment the style of the place and maintain its Camelot themed image.

For your dose of the daily entertainment, find the best Las Vegas entertainment right here at the Castle. Whether it’s hilarious headliners or action-packed adventures,, the hotel makes sure you get the most out of your stay by offering guests to see 2 shows for $75. Featuring the Tournament of Kings which is a popular Excalibur Las Vegas dinner show travel back to the times of challenge and chivalry, be entertained with live jousting, fireworks, maidens and adventure. Additional shows feature the Thunder from Down Under and The Australian Bee Gees show.

Featured Rooms and Suites:

Tower Rooms – Just like in the books, your very own tower fit with a unique splendid camelot design, guests can choose either one king or two queen beds which best suit your convenience and hardwood furnishings that wrap you in comfort, while high-speed internet access, cable TV and access to a hair dryer and iron make you feel right at home. Room rates start at only $29 which is certainly very affordable for your Vegas tour.

Contemporary Tower Rooms – Settle in an upgraded tower room featuring either one king or two queen beds with pillow-top mattresses, 42″ flatscreen TV and a luxurious bathroom featuring granite countertops and a clear view of the city which always seems bright by day or night. The Contemporary Superior King room features an over-sized soaking tub, and more space to reign than the Tower King Room. Room rates start at an affordable $49 per night.

Guest Suites – Your own room fit for a king with the rooms luxurious amenities and features. Upgrade to a parlor suite which offers a full living room, dining area, refrigerator, guest bathroom, and marble shower. For guests looking for the full experience for Arthurian grandeur this is certainly the top choice for your stay. With room rates starting at $229 per night, this easily makes this hotel one of the most cost-efficient places in terms of providing the best bang for your dollar.

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